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The Hippo® is manufactured under license by HEC Plastics Manufacturing Corporation in Qingdao, China.
B-Air is the official supplier of blowers to FreeStyle Slides®. The Hippo® carries a one year limited repair and replacement warranty.
The Hippo® satisfies the general requirements of ASTM F-24 ‘Standards on Amusement Rides and Devices’,
and the particular requirements of ASTM F-1159-03a, Section 7.6: ‘Air-Supported Structures’.
The FreeStyle Slides® logo and the Hippo® logo are registered trademarks of FreeStyle Slides, Inc.

After years in the making and much success, The Hippo® is available to resorts and water parks worldwide as well as to those seeking a novel business opportunity. With this in mind we have created a comprehensive plan to help you get started with The Hippo®. Your slide will be set up by a qualified installation technician who will teach you how to operate and maintain your investment. Your slide purchase includes a fully comprehensive two-day training service, explaining setup, maintenance and ride supervision. This fun, family oriented slide has a capacity for over 500 rides per hour and generates substantial revenues for its operators. Based on popular demand, we believe The Hippo® will become one of the most sought after rides at your resort or water park. If you are looking to by-pass your competition and attract thousands of families to your location, then The Hippo® is an airtight investment guaranteeing safety, reliability and a tremendous opportunity for an immediate return.

The Hippo® - an exciting business opportunity!

FreeStyle Slides® is a unique and innovative company. Our vision for cutting edge family entertainment has led us to the development of an exciting new concept known as The Hippo®. The Hippo® from FreeStyle Slides® is the world’s largest inflatable water slide, designed on the same scale as attractions in theme parks and water parks. This incredible product sets a whole new standard for the entertainment industry and is soon to give permanent water slides a run for their money. In addition to competing with permanent attractions, The Hippo® is also considered to be a temporary structure. For this reason The Hippo® provides a unique opportunity to tap into markets that have always been off-limits. These markets have proven to generate tremendous amounts of revenues.

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FreeStyle Slides® introduces its new community enrichment program to help children

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FreeStyle Slides® recently launched the latest addition to its popular line of exciting inflatable water slides. The Hipster™ was unveiled for the first time at the IAAPA trade show in Las Vegas last November and was met with tremendous enthusiasm from the attendees at the show. The 25ft tall, 90ft long Hipster™ from FreeStyle Slides is the first interactive water slide and bounce combination of its kind and it sports a variety of new features that set it apart from any other inflatable on the market. Some of the features include a 100% sealed-air leg structure which supports the entire slide as well as housing the

January, 2010: New Hipster™ water slide proves to be a hit!

Financing and insuring The Hippo®.

The Hippo® measures 36 ft tall x 47 ft wide x 175 ft long and consists of five parts which fit together seamlessly.

Financing is available and is subject to credit approval. We also assist our customers in obtaining the necessary insurance at the most affordable rates. Read more

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The Hippo® operates on two high output 2 HP blowers, producing 9 inches of static pressure. Inflation time is incredibly fast, taking only 15 to 20 minutes.

The entire slide, including the set of 60 high density polyethylene stairs, weighs 3,700 lbs when deflated. The slide can be transported in a 12 ft x 6 ft flatbed trailer and when it comes to storage, the whole slide fits in a space no larger than 6 ft x 6 ft x 12 ft.


The Hippo® has been constructed to operate as a wet or dry slide, offering the flexibility to operate all year round, regardless of the season or the location. The Hippo® converts to a dry slide by simply removing the two 25 ft extensions.


The standard colors of The Hippo® are royal blue and yellow, with a white sliding surface. Custom colors can be ordered by request. Please call for details.


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A view from the top

interchangeable bounce house module. That’s right! The enclosed bounce house can either be used in combination with the water slide or removed and used independently as a stand-alone bounce. The sealed-air leg structure together with the three-piece hot-air welded body structure, is manufactured using 28 ounce reinforced PVC material, making it the most durable portable-inflatable water slide and bounce combo ever! The entire slide runs on just one 2HP blower and is available at a very competitive price. Learn more

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The FreeStyle Slides Community Enrichment Program is now available to all youth organizations worldwide. Our vision for this program is two-fold. Firstly, to bring as much joy into the lives of children affected by cancer and blood disorders. We’ve seen our slides bring excitement to thousands of children around the world and we hope that this same laughter filled experience will bring healing to these kids. Secondly, our vision is to introduce a novel concept that we believe can help transform youth camps into an even more positive environment, especially for those in need of hope! More


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The following is a brief list of specifications for The Hippo®, our flagship slide. For more detailed product specifications on The Hippo® please contact us and request a Spec Sheet.