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Please contact our sales office on +1-866-MY-HIPPO (866-694-4776) to speak with a representative about current pricing and special offers.

We accept American Express®, wire transfers or checks. There is a 3.25% processing fee when paying with American Express®.

Yes. We work with Cypress Financial. Please contact Brett Hawton at 253-398-2237to apply.

Shipping and handling charges are not included in the purchase price. Please contact our sales office on +1-866-MY-HIPPO (866-694-4776) for shipping costs.

We are now working with First Bounce Insurance. Call Timothy Mulvey or Michael Guerra on 330-394-6444 for a quotation. We also work with Evolution Insurance Brokers International (EIB). Call Trent Hymas on 877-678-7342 ext. 5586 for a quotation.

The Hippo® is delivered complete with two blowers, water hoses, nozzles, anchors (excluding used car tires for beach setup), anchor ropes, safety nets, 60 stairs, sliding surface and shock cord. In other words, everything you need for the safe operation of The Hippo® is provided. A third blower is strongly recommended as a backup, but is not included.

Yes. We provide a two-day comprehensive training program covering setup, operations, safety, and maintenance. The training shall be conducted at your slide location upon or after delivery of the slide and in conjunction with initial setup of slide. The training is included in the purchase price.

Yes. Together with your staff, your slide will be set up by a qualified installation technician. However, you shall be responsible for ensuring a level and cleared location for the slide prior to delivery. Each site may be different. FreeStyle Slides® will consult and coordinate with you based on your site-specific needs. You will also need to provide water and electrical power sources within 50 feet of the slide staircase entrance, as well as the following:

  1. Labor and lifting equipment (fork lift) necessary for the slide setup.
  2. Shovels or other digging tools or equipment for the setup crew to use, depending on the ground conditions.
  3. Six used car tires (for beach installation only).
  4. Miscellaneous accessories as desired, such as foot wash boards, operations canopy, ticketing facilities, ticketing devices etc.

You can place the slide on the beach, grass, dirt, asphalt or concrete. The anchoring systems will vary.

Typically a bobcat or tractor with forks, as the slide bundles are shipped on pallets, as well as a crew of 6 to 8 people available for about 6 hours.

The setup, including anchoring, typically takes 6-8 hours.

Typically 4-6 hours. This also depends on how much cleaning is necessary.

3 to 4 staff are usually needed to operate the slide effectively. This also depends on how busy your location is.

Yes. The Hippo® can be operated as a dry slide by simply removing the 50 foot extension. Dry sliding mats are available for this application.

20 mats are included if The Hippo® is ordered as a dry slide (without the 50 ft extension). Otherwise, additional sliding mats can be purchased for $30 each.

For safety reasons, we do not recommend more than one rider at one time. We strongly suggest that each owner/operator follow the safe operation guidelines outlined in the Owner’s Manual and the training course.

Typically, owner/operators charge between $2 to $4 for single rides, $10 to $15 for hourly passes, and $20 to $50 for unlimited all-day passes. This depends largely on your location and the type of market you are catering to.

Usually 500 or more per hour as a wet slide, or up to 1,000 per hour as a dry slide.

As a result of its superior construction, The Hippo® can support thousands of pounds of weight. However, for safety reasons we recommend that there should be no more than 6 people on the staircase at one time and a maximum of 6 people waiting at the top. The general rule of thumb is to keep the lines on the ground, not on the slide.

No. The water runs off and is either absorbed into the ground or channeled to another area.

The average water usage is around 500 gallons a day. Your staff will only use the water on an intermittent basis to keep the slide surface wet, to wash customer’s feet, and to clean the slide once each day. No water treatment is needed because you are not recycling it.

Yes. However, you should rinse the slide 2 or 3 times per week with fresh water.

You will need a 7,000 watt generator to cover start up and continuous running of the two 2HP air blowers.

Your slide purchase includes a repair kit. Repair and maintenance is covered in the training program as well as in the Owner’s Manual.

We have some slides out there that have been operating for over 6 years - and still going! The colors eventually fade somewhat (although Armor All® can help protect against fading). If the slide is properly cared for, it should have a useful life of at least 5 years or more.

Maintenance costs are very minimal. Operating costs include insurance, staff wages, water usage, electrical usage and gasoline (if you plan on using a generator), and in some cases, a fee for land usage. Water and electrical usage are minimal (approximately $2-$3 per day combined).


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